9 Best Shopify Agencies 2024 (Top Choices)

Discover the best Shopify agencies of today. Expert insights on top full-service partners to grow your store and boost ROI
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Ashwin Mason
February 9, 2024

The Best Squarespace Agencies will take you on a trip through the digital world. These companies know how to use Squarespace's flexible tool to make websites that look great and work well. Each firm on this list has done a great job of making unique online presences, from creative design to smooth user experiences. Suppose you're a business owner, artist, or entrepreneur. In that case, you can learn about the newest web design and development trends from the top Squarespace companies shaping the digital world.


Your gateway to unparalleled e-commerce development, design, and marketing excellence within the Shopify universe. Unveil a world of elite freelancers who excel in bringing your vision to life, no matter the scale of your project. Our streamlined process ensures you're connected with the right professional, often within hours, for projects and retainers of any magnitude. Experience the epitome of efficiency as our handpicked top 3% of over 15,000 Shopify experts deliver impeccable results on time and within budget. 

Whether you seek a developer, designer, or marketer, we provide a seamless journey from introduction to project completion. Communication is critical, and with Storetasker, you can connect via text, email, or calls, receiving transparent quotes upfront. Benefit not only from the expertise of your chosen specialist but also from our extensive network of e-commerce professionals, ensuring ongoing support and a hassle-free process. Elevate your Shopify experience with Storetasker – where excellence meets e-commerce.

Portfolio: Chubbies shorts, Unclexstudios, Cubitts

Initial budget: $350


Your trusted partner and leading Shopify & Shopify Plus agency dedicated to crafting strategic ecommerce websites. As an award-winning agency and ecommerce expert, Charle collaborates with ambitious brands worldwide, guiding them through the design, development, and growth of Shopify & Shopify Plus websites. At Charle, we go beyond the traditional agency role by not only launching Shopify & Shopify Plus themes, features, apps, and integrations but also providing ongoing support and insights. 

Our memberships offer a unique blend of support packages and Shopify conversion rate improvement services, considering trends, best practices, and innovative ideas. Monthly, we deliver on-site digital marketing strategies, tapping into the expertise of our entire team of Shopify agency specialists. 

Portfolio: Candy Kittens, Billionaire boys club, Au-depart

Location: Manchester

Initial budget: £709

Services: Bespoke Shopify Store Builds, Support & Maintenance, Shopify Plus, Shopify Migrations, Shopify Web Design, Shopify Web Development, Shopify App Development, Conversion Rate Optimization.


Welcome to award-winning Shopify agency, where we redefine digital success for global brands through our design, development, and ecommerce marketing solutions expertise. As a premier agency, we specialize in crafting exceptional experiences on Shopify, bringing brands to new heights. One of our notable achievements includes transforming Condor's ecommerce presence through a Shopify 2.0 website build. Aligning with Condor's premium image, we revamped their store, optimizing brand positioning, speed, and user experience, resulting in a significant boost in sales.  For Origin Coffee, a sustainable brand since 2004, we tailored a bespoke Shopify website on the 2.0 platform. 

Portfolio: Sneak Energy, Desert Steel, Purish

Location: London, UK

Services: Shopify Web Design, Shopify Web Developers, Shopify Priority Support, Shopify Migration


The distinguished Shopify Agency meticulously curated by top-tier Shopify Experts. Positioned as a leading force, we bring unparalleled expertise to every aspect of Shopify, from store initiation to creating bespoke custom themes. Based in the vibrant cities of London and Barcelona, our Shopify Agency is dedicated to the design, development, and growth of Shopify & Shopify Plus websites. 

What sets us apart is direct access to our skilled Shopify Expert team, ensuring a seamless project management experience without unnecessary intermediaries. Whether you're a startup or a large Shopify Plus enterprise, we efficiently handle projects of all sizes. At MMShopyDevs, we believe in doing what we do best brilliantly. Our focus centers on four Shopify specialties, allowing us to excel with flair and finesse. 

Portfolio: angloitalian, sabyasachi, mou

Services:  Custom Shopify Theme, Theme Customization, Shopify Store setup, Platform Migration to Shopify


Your dedicated e-commerce growth Partner committed to elevating your brand through unparalleled traffic and conversion rate excellence. Trusted by world-leading brands such as L'Occitane and Clarks and dynamic scaleups like BloomThis and dUCk, we bring a proven track record of success to every partnership. At Z21, we are more than just an agency – we are your strategic ally in the digital landscape. 

Specializing in the two primary drivers of e-commerce growth, traffic and conversion rate, we conduct regular audits of your brand's e-commerce health to pinpoint bottlenecks and offer tailored solutions. Skip the guesswork and surface-level metrics; let our experienced data analysts guide you. Uncover the true potential of your business by converting paid and organic traffic into loyal customers with precision, leveraging data-backed strategies. 

Portfolio: Oxwhite, Machines, ALL IT Hypermarket

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Services: Social Media Advertising, Google Advertising, Email Marketing, Data Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Shopify Development

Arctic Grey 

Your ultimate destination for Shopify Plus Enterprise Solutions. As a dedicated partner to Enterprise Shopify Plus Merchants, we specialize in everything from custom-built site optimizations to creating cutting-edge eCommerce designs and developments from the ground up. Arctic Grey has earned its reputation as a trusted industry leader with a rich history of supporting over 1,000 Shopify stores across diverse sectors, including D2C, B2B, Wholesale, and Point of Sale (POS). 

Our impact speaks volumes, having helped merchants generate over $1.5 billion in revenue across both private and public sectors. With 28 Commerce Awards and a remarkable 500 five-star reviews, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Let's embark on a journey together to customize your Shopify theme or build a new store from scratch. Join forces with Arctic Grey, where innovation meets strategic planning, and let's craft a roadmap for your brand's path to world domination.

Location: Los angeles

Services: Theme Customizations, Site Speed Improvements, Search Engine

Optimization, App Integrations, Conversion Rate


The exclusive eCommerce agency uniquely founded by retailers for retailers. Rooted in the ethos of providing unparalleled digital, marketing, and eCommerce advice, coupled with tactical support tailored to your specific needs, Cake is your strategic ally in the competitive retail landscape. Why are we here? To be the driving force behind your eCommerce success.

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to help you scale your brand, establish a compelling online presence, or achieve any distinct objective you may have. At Cake, we understand retailers' challenges, and our mission is clear: to DO GOOD. Whether it's delivering exceptional results for clients, fostering excellence within our team, or positively impacting our city, we're committed to excellence. Join us on a journey where expertise meets purpose, and let Cake be your trusted partner in navigating the digital realm, bringing your unique retail vision to life.

Portfolio: Core SEO Strategy, Luke, The British Blanket

Services: Marketing strategy, CRM, Website and site speed optimisations, Search Engine Optimisation

Casa Media 

At Casa, our branding, web development, social media, and advertising work is guided by a set of core values that shape our approach to every project.

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to turn ideas into visual and pragmatic assets that eloquently narrate your brand's story. Casa Media is dedicated to helping our clients thrive digitally by providing customized solutions and strategies tailored to their unique needs. 

What sets Casa apart is our team's commitment to creating a collaborative and supportive dynamic, acting as the ideal extension of your business. Rooted in an insatiable desire for curiosity and limitless transformation, Casa Media brings innovation and creativity to life in a warm, welcoming space. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey with us? 

Portfolio: Envol, Loop industries, Push Oak 

Services: SEO, Branding, Web Design, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management


We explore the myriad benefits beyond a new look and feel that rebranding can bring to your business. Beyond aesthetics, rebranding allows your business to adapt to market changes swiftly, aligning with evolving consumer preferences and current market trends. Discover how rebranding can give your business a competitive edge, helping it stand out in a crowded market and attract new and existing customers. 

Moreover, rebranding becomes a powerful tool to reflect the growth and evolution of your business, showcasing innovation and a modern, forward-thinking approach. Explore real-world examples, such as ELMNTL's rebranding of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, illustrating how visual identity can be transformed to better align with strategic goals

Portfolio: UFC, TurtleBay, Bud light

Services: Website Design,Creative Services,Media and communications, Strategy and Planning

FAQ Section for Best Shopify Agencies

What is Shopify marketing and how can it benefit my online store?
Shopify marketing involves using tailored marketing services to promote your Shopify platform, aiming to enhance your ROI. By crafting marketing campaigns specific to your target audience, these services can significantly improve your customer experience and increase conversion rates.

What should I look for in a full-service Shopify agency?
A full-service Shopify agency will offer comprehensive services including PPC, marketplace management, and data-driven strategies to drive traffic to your site. They should have a team of experts who understand how to create effective campaigns that align with your business goals.

How can Shopify agencies increase the ROI for ecommerce stores?
Shopify agencies can assist by deploying effective marketing strategies that are visually appealing and resonate with your target audience. They utilize a variety of marketing tools and growth marketing agency tactics to help grow your Shopify store and ensure a good return on investment.

What are the benefits of working with a Shopify partner or Shopify Plus partner agency?
Working with a Shopify partner or Shopify Plus partner agency guarantees that you're dealing with experts who are recognized by Shopify for their skills. These agencies have a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes, from startup to high-performing ecommerce stores and apps.

Why is it important to choose a digital marketing agency with a Shopify expert team?
A digital agency with a Shopify expert team will have in-house specialists who know what it takes to achieve your business goals. They have the experience to build Shopify sites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversions.

How do the top Shopify agencies in 2024 help grow your Shopify store?
The top Shopify agencies of 2024 have a deep understanding of the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms. They offer a range of services from strategic planning to execution, using innovative and creative growth strategies to take your business to the next level.

What makes an agency specializing in Shopify different from other digital agencies?
An agency specializing in Shopify has a dedicated focus on the platform, with a team of strategists and digital experts who are adept at creating websites that convert. They are well-versed in the unique features of Shopify and Shopify Plus, and can tailor their services to meet the specific needs of Shopify store owners.

Can Shopify agencies help both small business owners and larger enterprises?
Yes, the best Shopify marketing agencies offer scalable solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes. They understand that whether you are a small business owner or part of a larger enterprise, your brand and business objectives require a personalized approach to effectively grow your Shopify store.

What does it mean when an agency is a Shopify Plus partner?
A Shopify Plus partner agency has been recognized by Shopify as having the ability to work with more complex, high-volume ecommerce stores and offer advanced solutions. These agencies have additional resources and expertise to help merchants leverage the full potential of the Shopify Plus platform.

In what ways can Shopify agencies of 2024 help with marketing campaigns?
Shopify agencies of 2024 are adept at creating data-driven marketing campaigns that are designed to drive traffic and increase sales. They use the latest marketing tools and techniques to launch campaigns that are targeted, effective, and aligned with current market trends.

What kind of growth strategies do Shopify agencies implement?
Growth strategies implemented by top Shopify agencies include SEO, content marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. These strategies are aimed at not only attracting visitors to your Shopify website but also converting them into loyal customers.

How do Shopify agencies offer support to businesses looking to boost their online presence?
Agencies can assist businesses looking to boost their online presence by providing digital marketing services, creating visually appealing and high-performing Shopify sites, and utilizing growth marketing tactics to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

What type of agency helps companies achieve their business goals with Shopify?
An agency that helps companies achieve their business goals with Shopify will be one that specializes in strategic planning, offers a wide range of digital marketing services, and has a proven track record of building successful Shopify stores. They work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and tailor their approach accordingly.

Can a digital agency help take my business to the next level with Shopify?
Absolutely. A digital agency with experience in Shopify can help take your business to the next level by employing innovative and creative growth strategies, designing websites that convert, and helping to establish a strong online presence that resonates with your target audience.

What does an agency’s range of services typically include for Shopify stores?
An agency’s range of services for Shopify stores typically includes website design and development, SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, email marketing, content creation, and conversion optimization. They may also offer additional services such as branding, graphic design, and app development to enhance the overall customer experience.

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