19 Best Design System UI Kits 2024

The best design system UI Kit can help save you immense time and money, especially if you are someone that juggles multiple projects, clients, or designs.
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Ashwin Mason
December 16, 2023

UI kits are large collections of reusable components, elements, font and typography styles, color style palettes, and other helpful design assets and resources. They remove the need to make design elements from scratch and are a wonderful springboard to quickly starting and making progress with a new project as a product designer. But which UI design systems (kits) are best? Listed below are the 19 top design systems.

1. Untitled Ui

Untitled UI was created for freelance designers, design teams, beginners, students, startups, and more. They balance size, flexibility, and quality, so you can create incredible… without spending thousands of hours creating everything from scratch. 

Why we picked this?

Work smarter not harder. 

Untitled UI is our first choice for UI design systems. It's the largest design system and UI kit for Figma in the world. It offers a perpetual license (so, no subscription required), and has free lifetimes updates to all users! It also has a free version for the bootstrapping designer. 

It’s one of the most popular and best Figma UI kit, boasting over 1,000+ 5-star reviews!

It’s the ultimate kit, and the perfect starting kit, being able to craft beautiful landing pages, for the complex dashboard. 

There’s the free version, PRO, and PRO Teams.

They also offer a PRO LITE version of their UI kit. What is it? 

It’s a premium, lightweight version of the full Untitled UI PRO kit. It was built to include everything that you need which is perfect as one of the top ui kits.

It’s 55% lighter, and faster, and results in 55% fewer layers while remaining powerful and robust. It’s perfect for smaller and fast-moving projects. 

Save thousands of design hours.

Pricing Details

  1. Free
  2. $109 for a single license 
  3. $299 for up to 5 user licenses 

What is included?

  1. Header navigation
  2. Tabs
  3. Accordions
  4. 500+ global styles
  5. 10,000 + components 
  6. 420+ page and dashboard examples
  7. 2,000+ icons and logos 
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee
  9. 4px soft grid system and consistent spacing
  10. Lifetimes updates when signing up for their PRO or PRO TEAM version

Design System Review

Sam Pierce Lolla

Founder, Shuffleboard

“Untitled is the best $109 I've spent on my business in a long time. I'm going to keep using it and recommending it to every designer I know.”

Riccardo Buzzotta

Senior Product Designer, Spotify

“Untitled UI has been an amazing resource that I'm learning to rely upon to spin up ideas in no time. I think I might launch a startup pretty soon by mistake here!”

2. Stratum UI Design Kit

Stratum design system ui kit has every feature of Figma that includes 9000+ components and variants. Design system creation is just like a drag-and-drop builder in Figma with Stratum and helps speed up design workflow. 

Why we picked this?

Stratum UI Design kit is a Figma template with ready-made UI elements, helpers, and widgets. 

It uses best practices, it’s comprehensive and multipurpose

Stratum UI Design kit helps to design and make prototypes fast with its set of ready-made Ui elements. It is also consistent throughout the design and very customizable. It is a well-documented design that is easy to follow along if you miss out on something.

This is perfect for designers, developers, managers, entrepreneurs, product teams, and agencies.

Pricing Details

  1. $68 for a personal license
  2. $128 for a commercial license
  3. $248 for an extended license 

What is included?

  1. 9,000+ components 
  2. Variants
  3. Auto Layout
  4. Contrast
  5. Comprehensive 
  6. High-fidelity prototyping 
  7. Wireframing 

Design System Review

Eugene Fedorenko

Product Designer, Figmalion

“Stratum UI Design Kit is an excellent way to speed up wire framing or product design. With dozens of reusable elements built with the latest Figma features like Variants and Auto Layout, you can skip the dull work and get straight to problem-solving. Stratum’s clean design looks great as is, but may also be a solid foundation for your design system.”

Pontus Wellgraf

Senior Product Designer, FANTASY

“This is some impressive work and a truly thought-out system. The level of instances and overall flexibility will change the game of consistency.”

3. Ant Design System

Ant Design System is a powerful kit created for Figma, perfect for both web and mobile apps. It’s based on Ant Design, the most popular React UI library. It includes Figma tokens (with a monthly subscription), Auto Layout 4.0, variants, and component properties. Hover-and-click interactions, light & dark theme options. 

Why we picked this?

It was made to be developer-friendly and design-friendly. Ant Design System has different package options depending on your needs; there is a Basic Package and the Full Package.

The basic Package contains just the Ant Design System for Figma, whereas the Full Package includes all of the Ant Design products.

Including component categories for general, navigation, data entry, data display, feedback, etc. 

It’s perfect for solo designers and solopreneurs.

Pricing Details

1 User

  1. Basic - one time payment of $99
  2. Full - one time payment of $199

5 Users

  1. Basic - one time payment of $249
  2. Full - one time payment of $399

Unlimited Users

  1. Basic - one time payment of $249
  2. Full - one time payment of $399

Figma Tokens Sync

  1. Monthly - $49
  2. Annual - $490

What is included?

  1. 2,000+ component states
  2. 290+ universal styles
  3. Auto Layout
  4. Contrast
  5. Comprehensive
  6. High-fidelity prototyping 
  7. Wireframing 

Design System Review

Greg Dlubacz

Lead designer, Catenda AS

“This is an absolute time-saver. The entire product is prepared with utmost attention to detail, everything is well organized and easy to use even for inexperienced designers and developers who are not very familiar with design software. It helps to save hundreds of hours, so you can forget about recreating the same UI components in every single project over and over again.”

Miriam Isaac

UX Designer

“The Ant Design System for Figma is an invaluable resource for any UX Designer who is tasked with planning and building out a DS for their org or client. Each component is constructed with care and precision. Matt constructs each component with auto-layout, and it makes this kit incredibly robust and flexible. It will supercharge your work-flow and save you time, so you can focus on solving those complex UX problems!”

4. Pegasus Design System

Pegasus Design System Pro is a library for digital makers for Figma. Increase productivity, and allows you to design with speed at scale.

Why we picked this?

We like this because it bridges modern design usability, while also pairing with top designers on more experimental work communities like Dribbble. 

Pegasus Design integrates designs that are lacking in precision and adds inclusive design with full accessibility across teams, projects, or products with absolute consistency throughout the User Interface and User Experience

Pricing Details

  1. $99 for one user, for life
  2. $159 (up to 5 users) for life
  3. $299 unlimited users for life

What is included?

  1. 2,000+ component states
  2. 290+ universal styles
  3. 84+ templates
  4. 350+ original icons 
  5. 100% Autolayout V4
  6. Customizable for your brand colors/fonts
  7. Examples for full landing pages, custom dashboards, native app screens, signup & login 
  8. Full royalty-free icon set
  9. Free updates 

Design System Review


Figma Core Team

“Jumpstarting a design system? Pegasus might be the perfect resource.”

Enes Olcay

UX Designer

The visual look & feel is soft, appealing and very human-friendly.

5. Shipfaster Ui

It’s a powerful and comprehensive design system and UI kit

It was made with workflow speed and quality in mind. Every component was built with Auto layout 3.0, advanced variants, and accessibility in mind. 

Are you tired of building everything from a blank artboard, Shipfaster UI is here for you.

Built by the team from The Designership

Shipfaster UI has a huge library of easily customizable styles which makes it one of the best Figma design systems. They make it easy to make it your own.

Why we picked this?

Work smarter, not harder. 

Shipmaster UI was built with scalability and reusability in mind. Meaning for those that juggle multiple projects and need a well-organized system, this is perfect for you. 

Ready out-of-the-box so you can effortlessly build world-class, responsive UI from the get-go. Every component is 100% responsive. And every detail snaps to a 4/8 pt grid. 

It’s perfect for design graduates, junior designers, freelance and senior designers, product managers, and anyone else that may use Figma.

Pricing Details

  1. $90 for individual 
  2. $$220 for team 

What is included?

  1. 150 global styles
  2. 6,000 components & variants
  3. 2,800+ media resources
  4. 140+ examples
  5. Lifetime updates

Design System Review

Aditya M

UX/UI Designer, Accenture

“The Designership's Design System is crazy good and efficient! There's no way you should be missing on it. Try for yourself and see its diverse nature across different projects!⚡”

Michelle Zhu

Freelance UX/UI Designer

“I'm so excited I just purchased @themizko design system. He's already answered one of my questions in his intro video!”

6. UI Prep Figma Design System

UI prep is UI kit & Design System created by Molly Hellmuth

It cost just $79 dollars for an individual license and $158 for a team. Making it one best bang-for-your-buck UI kits on this list. 

Teams boast the ability for unlimited projects and unlimited users, something that we see is missing, even from bigger companies. This makes it perfect for solo designers, students, and solopreneurs, to start-ups, design teams, and scaling agencies

There are over 70 essential styles and 30+ component categories & quick start guide make it easy to get started and start creating. With a community of active founders and designers, it’s easy to see why over 100,000 design teams, contractors, and students choose UI Prep as their UI kit of choice. 

7. Tetrisly Figma Ui Kit

Titrisly is a starter kit 

Makes organization simple by using the Atomic Design methodology. Easily customizable styles, and can customize and apply changes to all pages at once. 

Global changes without accidental mistakes. Features Layer styles, typography systems, base systems, components, and variants. 

This makes it a popular choice for lone UI designers or entire design teams. 

Allows you to effortlessly and efficiently create a UI component library and design system. Letting you scale work when you need to. Helps speed up the product design process with its Core Library. Boasts a component ID system, making it easier to access and reference a specific element. 

Has over 2500+ components, 56 predefined styles, 700+ unique icons, 14 component categories, 8px grid system. Individual lifetimes license costs just $59 while it cost $99 for teams with an unlimited number of editors. Both of these also include free updates for life. 

Makes it a great starting point for any design project. 

8. The Design Encyclopedia

The Design Encyclopedia was created by Jon Moore, and started as a passion project to help others learn how to use Figma. It’s a culmination of his over a decade’s worth of product ensign experience. Since then, it’s now 

Boasting itself as The World’s Largest commercially-available Figma Design System, the Design Encyclopedia is the only design system to have complete interaction patterns, page templates, and over 100 charts and visualizations. 

It features 400+ UI tokens, 200+ UI components, 23 complete interaction patterns, 17-page templates, 55 charts in both Light and Dark, visualizations, visual language, documentation 

— everything you need to create high-quality design in a fraction of the time. 

It’s only $99 for a lifetime license and lifetime updates. It’s robust & powerful.

9. Flowbite

Built with components on top of Tailwind CSS, Flowbite was created to help you build websites faster.

There are rover 51 open-source UI components and interactive elements. Including accordion, buttons, carousel, and more. With Flowbite, you can build with blocks, and select from aunty over the 120+ blocks to help you hit the ground running. It helps you build high-quality website pages, faster than ever. It can help you take your website design to the next level. 

A free edition allows you to get started with its open-source library of web components and interactive elements. There is also the Designer edition for $149, and the Developer edition for $259 

With its ability to be used with blocks, CSS, and more, it's no wonder it’s the choice of so many freelancers, startups, companies, and enterprise-level corporations. 

10. Buninux

Buninux is a Figma UI kit and Design system. It features world-class UI resources and features their Frames X Design Handbook for Figma, as well as their full collection of design kits, illustrations, and resources, icon sets valued at over $1000 for only $99 per year.

The subscription cost includes all the existing design resources, upcoming design resources, and updates for them. This kit includes various illustrations, themes, icons, resources, and even a design handbook to help kickstart your next project, and hit the ground running when beginning. 

11. Cabana For Figma

Cabana for Figma allows you to create consistently beautiful designs in a matter of minutes. The Cabana Design System has been created to quickly kick-start projects, so you can meet tight deadlines with ease. 

It features a lean and clean starter system, balancing simplicity with intuitiveness (no overwhelming systems or steep learning curves here). 

It was created to allow designers to create stunning designs with minimal effort in minimal time. 

It uses Design token to help juggle multiple projects, over 1000+ essential UI components, and even Design blocks for a more intuitive workflow, and to allow you to construct full page layouts. 

It also features a single-use perpetual license (no subscription), free updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee (which is double the days compared to most companies). A standard license (best for solo designers) starts at $69, while the premium and ultimate packages are priced at $99 & $149, respectively.

It also comes packed with freebies such as a Wireframe kit, desktop & mobile examples, and a detailed user guide to help get you started, faster. 

12. Disy Design

Disy Design is a Design System & UI kit created for Figma. 

It’s a minimal design, created to help you build human-centered product experiences. 

Its simple and modern design was built for product designers, developers, and founders, to help them resonate most with the people they serve. In just a matter of minutes, you can go from a new project to something that feels professionally designed. It has 500+ professionally designed styles and components, and 280+ icons, allowing you to design better, and faster. 

This can save you immense time since you won’t need to redo the same components over and over. 

The minimalist design allows you to customize and adapt as your needs change and grow. Instantly edit fonts, colors, or any stylized element in one place for global changes! No more designing everything from scratch. 

Disy reduces your clutter. It’s powerful, robust, clean, and customizable. And has drag-and-drop pre-made components, to effortlessly create beautiful interfaces. 

And with a special launch price of just $48 for unlimited lifetime access to the tools, updates, elements, free updates, and use on unlimited projects, Disy is a no-brainer for designers. 

13. Landify Web Design Ui Kit

Landify is a UI kit made to help create high-quality landing pages for any purpose. The UI kit, templates, and resources allow you to create anything you can imagine, in just a matter of minutes. From beginners and students to startups and design teams, Landify can help you build better landing pages, quicker. The landing page templates and customizable components can help you create a landing page that is all your own and satisfies the audience. 

Starting at just $69 for a single-use lifetime license, $149 for Team (up to 5 users), and $299 for an enterprise. All plans can be used on unlimited projects and have lifetime updates. If you’re a designer that builds landing pages, you won’t want to miss out on Landify. 

14. White Ui Design System

White UI is a collection of multipurpose, high-quality UI kits and design resources. It features different UI kits for a variety of different industries and can be used with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Photoshop. Industries include SAAS, FinTech, banking, De-Fi & crypto, NFT, mobile, and more.

While you can purchase a single UI kit as a standalone product, the true beauty of White UI is that for a price of $99 per year (for personal projects), you get access to all 16 of their digital kits and resources, including updates and new product releases for the next 12 months. 

This allows you t speed up your workflow, and removes the need of having to start each project from scratch. And gives you a springboard to launch your new landing pages, apps, and digital resources for today's most in-demand industries. 

15. Material Design 2 UI Kit PRO

Has 150+ components, 25 layouts, and 5 example apps + Flows. 

Build prototypes by dragging them from the Team Library, into your Figma canvas. The Free UI kit has over 130 material UI elements, is Team-Library ready, and has text styles & UI Cooler Palette. \\ and is free for personal use. 

If you need a commercial use form, it will only cost you $50 for lifetime access and free lifetime updates! This includes ready-made wire-flows, component explorer, and email support! 


16. Webpixels

Webpixels was created by Alexis Enache as a complete toolkit for building amazing UI designs. It was made with design best practices in mind, so it can work with any tech stack. It includes a CSS framework, components, templates, tools, and libraries to support design and front-end. It also includes start kits and a design system for Figma. Has over 500+ components and elements. 

Its detailed component library will save you time, whether you building a simple page or conceptualising a whole new web app. This includes common base components such as buttons, cards, avatars, etc. so you have everything you need for a smooth design experience. Also has everything you need to build dashboards, web apps, and admin panels, as well as rock the marketing assets such as landing pages, pricing, blogs, and more. 

Starting at just $59 per year per user (personal use) is not bad, but if you’re a designer working for clients or multiple projects, the Pro version for $99 is more up your alley. The Pro version allows you to create unlimited collections for building your own UI kits, features a commercial use/SaaS license, and includes their Figma design system to streamline your workflow.

17. Prime Design System for Figma

Prime has thousands of components, it is one of the most convenient ways to kick start your next design project. Over 1000+ icons & logos, 250+ global styles, and 100+ UI templates results in over 10,000+ possibilities — all components include Figma’s Auto Layout, Variant & component properties. 

All famous brand logos come bundled in the kit. Premade templates for desktop and mobile help you kick-start every project. 

The beauty of this kit is that they are committed to boosting workflow. This means that it loads fast and only included the necessary components. It’s fast & flexible — easy to customize while making it simple to retain consistency throughout your project. Built-in best practices so your design can be world-class, and responsive. 

Prime 4, the base version of this kit starts at $68 per year— this includes the Figma Design system kit, best practices, 2000+ components, global styles, UI templates, and more.

But for only $79 per year, you get all that and the 100+ UI Design Tactics Book to take your design skills to the next level. And with a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s a hard deal to beat. 

18. Module Ui Kit

The Module System makes it easy to start your next design project. With only 3 categories, Module System simplifies the design process; no dozens of pages, no rebuilding of all components. Simply draft from the left, and edit on the right. It includes many variants and Auto Layout. Perfect for creating interactive prototypes. Customize and change color and text, and apply the changes globally. Edit a parent component, and see the changes on all its variants. 

This simple approach design is why Module System is loved by UI & UX designers, managers, beginners, students, development teams, and startups. It’s easy and simple to use but powerful enough to build complex, interactive, amazing designs. 

It features Atomic design methodology and blocks, has a flexible layout, a baseline grid of 4px detailed tutorials, free icons & fonts, and more! So you can start quickly, and create something awesome. 

Something unique about Module System is that they allow you to choose if you want a lifetime license, but also if you want lifetime updates (which include all updates and new components). 

With over 2000+ components and variations, a predefined style system, free licensed clones, step-by-step tutorials, friendly support, and use on unlimited projects, Module System is a steal of a deal. 

19. Ui8

Ui8 is a Design System Marketplace with a unique twist, for one price you can access all 5,800+ curated design resources. What’s even more interesting is that Ui8 offers the choice of both a subscription and a one-time purchase price.

$68 will get you one month of access to all their products and goes up to a 6-month plan for $278. Whereas the lifetime purchase version offers unlimited lifetime access to all the UI resources for $848.

A lifetime purchase also allows you to download up to 40 UI resources or kits per day, whereas subscription plans have a maximum of 10-20 downloads per day. This can make a huge difference if working with multiple projects, juggling between them on a frequent basis.

FAQ: Best Design System UI Kits

1. What is a design system UI kit, and how can it benefit my design workflow?

A design system UI kit is a collection of pre-designed elements, components, and templates that help streamline the design process for websites or apps. It can significantly speed up your design work, maintain consistent design, and improve the overall quality of your projects.

2. What are the key features of the "Nucleus UI iOS UI Kit"?

The Nucleus UI iOS UI Kit is a versatile design system kit that is based on the atomic design methodology. It includes reusable components and variants, a consistent spacing system based on a 4px baseline, and supports auto-layout and dark mode. It's an excellent choice for designing iOS apps and offers a variety of components to work with.

3. How does the "Layers Design System" differ from other design system kits?

The Layers Design System stands out by providing a scalable design approach. It offers a consistent spacing system based on a 4px baseline and includes a variety of components that make it suitable for both web and mobile design projects.

4. Can I find Google's Material Design in any of these UI kits?

Yes, you can find Google's Material Design elements in some of these UI kits, such as the "Venus Design System." This integration can help you design Android apps with ease, following Google's design guidelines.

5. What are the benefits of working with a team library in these design system UI kits?

A team library, like the one in the "UI Prep Design System," allows team members to collaborate effectively by using the same design components and styles. It ensures consistency throughout your projects and makes it easier to share and update design assets.

6. Are there any free options available among these UI kits?

Yes, some of these UI kits, like the "Free Figma Community UI Kit," offer a free demo version. These free resources are an excellent way to explore the kit's features before committing to the full version.

7. Do these UI kits support responsive design?

Certainly! Most of these UI kits include responsive page examples and multiple layout options. You can use them to create designs that adapt to various screen sizes and orientations.

8. How can "Karma Wireframe Kit" assist in my design process?

The "Karma Wireframe Kit" is designed for lo-fi wireframing, making it an ideal starting point for your design projects. It provides building blocks for wireframe design products without diving into high-fidelity details too soon.

9. What design resources are available for marketing website design in these UI kits?

Many of these UI kits, such as the "Multi-purpose UI Kit," include landing page designs and marketing-related components. They can help you create attractive and effective marketing websites for your products or services.

10. Do these UI kits include typography and color styles?

Yes, the UI kits typically come with predefined typography and color styles. You can use these styles to maintain visual consistency throughout your design projects.

11. Is there any recommended design system kit mentioned on Medium?

Yes, the "UI Prep Design System" is recommended from Medium. This suggests that it has gained recognition and positive feedback in the design community.

12. How can these UI kits assist in improving my design workflow?

These UI kits provide a set of reusable components, templates, and style guides. By using them, you can significantly improve your design workflow, save time, and ensure consistency in your design projects.

13. Can I use these UI kits for both web and mobile design projects?

Yes, many of these UI kits are versatile and offer components suitable for both web and mobile screens, making them perfect for multi-platform design projects.

14. Can you tell me more about the "Auto Layout" and "Dark Mode" features mentioned in these UI kits?

The "Auto Layout" feature helps you create responsive designs that adapt to various screen sizes automatically. "Dark Mode" support allows you to design for both light and dark interfaces, offering a more inclusive user experience.

15. How can I access the "Free Mobile App" mentioned in some of these UI kits?

Some UI kits offer a free mobile app, and you can access it by downloading the free demo version. This allows you to explore the kit's mobile design resources before making a purchase.

16. Are these UI kits based on a specific design methodology?

Yes, some of these UI kits are based on the atomic design methodology, which emphasizes breaking designs into fundamental building blocks for better organization and scalability.

17. Are there any kits that provide "Working with Tailwind" support?

While it's not explicitly mentioned for these UI kits, you can integrate Tailwind CSS with many design systems to enhance your web development projects and achieve consistent design.

Remember to thoroughly explore each UI kit to determine which one best aligns with your specific design needs and preferences.

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Which design system is the best?

Untitled UI

Should designers use UI kits?

UI kits are great for designers because they provide a set of reusable components that allow designers to quickly prototype designs. UI kits can save time and money, as they are typically cheaper than creating custom components from scratch.

Additionally, UI kits make it easier to maintain consistency across designs since all the components come from a single source. It is also useful for teams to have access to the same UI kit since it allows team members to quickly understand how the system works since all the components are already familiar to them.

In conclusion, UI kits can be a great tool for designers as they provide a quick way to create prototypes and maintain consistency across multiple designs while saving time and money in the process.

Is Figma best for UI design?

Figma is a powerful, user-friendly tool for UI design. It offers an intuitive interface with a wide range of features that make it easy to create and manage complex designs.

The platform also offers powerful collaboration tools, allowing multiple people to work on the same project in real-time and Figma community support. Additionally, Figma has a wide range of plugins and integrations that can be used to further customize the design process. 

What are some design system examples?

  1. Google's material design
  2. Polaris (Shopify)
  3. Fluent Design System (Microsoft)

Read more: Best Design System Examples

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