15 Best Framer Website Examples 2024

Explore stunning Framer sites! Discover top-notch design and functionality in our curated list of best Framer website examples.
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Ashwin Mason
December 16, 2023

Are you looking for some inspiration for your upcoming website design project? We will examine 15 of the most stunning Framer websites developed in 2023 in this article. Web designers and developers can construct interactive, engaging websites thanks to the advanced prototype tool known as Framer. These examples demonstrate the flexibility and creativity that Framer is capable of. 

Now that everything has been cleared out let's explore the world of Framer and look at these amazing website examples!

1. Love Injection

Love Injection is a music blog that furnishes perusers with a vivid encounter that was made utilizing Framer. The website has a spotless and contemporary style, and it utilizes striking tones and sleek movements all through. The latest music deliveries and meetings are featured on the site, which brings about a point of interaction that is both outwardly engaging and exuberant. Love Injection has been fruitful in forming Framer into a stage that isn't just easy to use yet additionally captivating for music fans.

Key Features

  • A user-friendly digital music player
  • Effortless navigation between pages
  • Regularly updated, dynamic material

2. Algo

This website, known as Algo, shows the capability of Framer for the making of plans that are both outwardly alluring and intuitive. Algo makes an outwardly engaging encounter by using striking tones and strong composition across its point of interaction. The website works effectively by showing the various elements and elements of Framer, causing specific to notice the program's ability to create dynamic activities, consistent changes, and intelligent parts. Algo offers users ideas and guidance on how to build outstanding web designs using Framer by utilizing software.

Key Features

  • Vibrant colors and bold typography
  • Dynamic animations and smooth transitions
  • Interactive elements

3. Haley Park Portfolio

Haley Park is a skilled graphic designer, and the website for her Framer portfolio is an accurate representation of both her abilities and her creative spirit. Her design work is presented on the website in a streamlined and well-organized fashion, with a primary emphasis on visual narrative. Visitors will be able to experience Haley Park's design process in its entirety thanks to Haley Park's utilization of Framer, which enables her to showcase her work in an interesting and interactive manner.

Key Features

  • Participatory art exhibits in galleries
  • Flowing picture transitions 
  • Innovative components of the navigation system

4. GASS Records

Framer was utilized by the indie record company GASS Records, which resulted in the creation of a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and interactive. The website has a look that is gloomy and grungy, which is an excellent match for the type of music that the label releases. Visitors will have an experience that is both one of a kind and one they won't soon forget, thanks to the fact that GASS Records is now able to present its artists and music releases in an interactive and immersive manner, courtesy of Framer.

Key Features

  • Profiles of artists that may be interacted with
  • Interactive digital music player
  • Animated depictions of the atmosphere


Framer is utilized by the design business known as DESIGN STUDIO K, which is a multidisciplinary design firm, in order to produce attractive and interactive websites. Their Framer website is an absolute design gem, complete with striking aesthetics, cutting-edge navigation, and fluid transitions between pages. Their extensive portfolio is presented in an engaging manner on their website, which also illustrates their proficiency in developing interactive user experiences.

Key Features

  • An interactive display of previous work
  • Innovative navigation elements
  • Effortless navigation between pages

6. Re.Design

The creative agency is known as Re.Design focuses on the reworking of applications and websites that already exist on the internet. Their ability to update outmoded designs into cutting-edge, intuitive user interfaces is demonstrated by their Framer website, which is a tribute to their expertise in this area. The website presents "before" and "after" samples of their work, enabling users to evaluate the results of the redesign efforts being undertaken by the company.

Key Features

  • A look at the differences between the old and new designs
  • Engaging case studies 
  • Sliders for navigating images that are interactive

7. Vitra – Office Chair Finder

Vitra – Office Chair Finder is a one-of-a-kind website that makes use of Framer to give customers an experience that is both dynamic and uniquely suited to their needs while looking for office chairs. A 3D chair configurator is available for consumers to take use of on the website. To personalize and envision their dream chair for use in the office. Through the use of Framer, Vitra has developed an intuitive and interesting user interface that makes the process of selecting chairs more enjoyable and participatory.

Key Features

  • Real-time chair modification  
  • Interactive chair visualization 
  • 3D chair configuration tool

8. Akershus Fortress Reimagined

Framer was utilized at the historical site known as Akershus Fortress Reimagined, which was created to bring the past to life. The website gives users the opportunity to experience a tour of the fortress virtually, highlighting its significant past as well as its stunning architectural design. Akershus stronghold Reimagined provides visitors with an immersive experience by utilizing Framer's interactive features. This allows tourists to explore the stronghold and gain an understanding of the significance of the structure.

Key Features

  • An interactive representation of the historical chronology
  • Interactive storytelling from the past 
  • A tour of the stronghold in virtual reality

9. Miyagami

Framer was used by the Japanese restaurant Miyagami to build the establishment's website, which is both sophisticated and immersive. The website includes mouthwatering pictures of the food they serve, as well as an intuitive reservation system. Miyagami gives visitors a flavor of Japanese culture as well as an engaging experience when they browse around the site, thanks to the interactive components provided by Framer.

Key Features

  • A showcase for the interactive menu
  • A hassle-free reservation method 
  • Animated scenes of the surrounding atmosphere

10. Becklyn

Framer is being utilized by the digital firm known as Becklyn, which demonstrates the company's proficiency in online design and development. The website has an up-to-date and uncluttered design, and it has interactive case studies that highlight the company's creative strategy for completing projects. Becklyn is able to successfully explain their skills and engage visitors via the use of interactive components with the help of Framer.

Key Features

  • Case studies that are interactive
  • A polished presentation of the proposal
  • Innovative components of the navigation system

11. Wehype

Wehype is a platform for influencer marketing that makes use of Framer to produce a website that is both visually appealing and engaging to users. This website demonstrates the effectiveness of influencer marketing via the use of dynamic animations and interactive material. Wehype is able to successfully express the message of its brand with the help of Framer, which also engages users in an immersive narrative experience.

Key Features

  • An exhibition of interactive content
  • Animations that are dynamic
  • Engaging brand storytelling

12. Bloobies

Bloobies is an online NFT collection with an engaging and aesthetically pleasing buying experience by utilizing Framer. The website provides user-friendly features such as fluid product animations, individualized product suggestions, and a streamlined purchasing procedure. Bloobies presents site users with a user-friendly interface made possible by Framer, which makes the experience of purchasing online more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • An interactive display of the product
  • Specific suggestions tailored to each individual
  • A simple and easy method of payment

13. Beautility Exhibition

An art exhibition called Beautility Exhibition has been created with the help of Framer to provide an immersive digital experience. The website includes simulated galleries, artwork that may be interacted with, and interesting descriptions of the artists. Beautility Exhibition provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with art in a digital world and form more meaningful connections with artists through the use of Framer.

Key Features

  • Digital exhibition spaces 
  • Work that may be explored in an interactive manner 
  • Artist biographies that are interesting

14. Chris Lund

Framer is utilized on the website of the Chris Lund, which is a designer that showcases his creative portfolio, to offer substance in a style that is both outwardly engaging and intuitive. This website offers constantly refreshed, powerful material, liquid-looking over, and easy-to-use intelligent media parts. Using Framer, the Christ Lund can introduce new things in a drawing in and vivid way, so it is both educated and happy to guarantee that guests.

Key Features

  • Constant, powerfully refreshed news
  • Intuitive porfolio
  • Enrapturing strategies for account show

15. Bajgart Office

Bajgart is a website that utilizes Framer to provide a amazing portfolio experience that is both immersive and interactive. Visitors to the website are taken on a voyage of discovery, during which they are presented with a variety of service options and experiences. Bajgart offers consumers a captivating browsing experience by utilizing Framer's interactive features. 

Key Features

  • Immersive and interactive travel experience
  • Virtual exploration of different destinations
  • Stunning visuals and captivating imagery


These 15 top Framer website examples of this year represent the strength and assortment of the Framer apparatus during the time spent creating dynamic and engaging websites. Every website has an assortment of unique plan components and highlights that expose the potential outcomes of Framer as well as the innovativeness of the creators and engineers who were liable for making them. Framer gives a stage to the imagination and drawing in client encounters, and it doesn't make any difference on the off chance that the webpage being referred to is a music blog, a planned studio, or a web-based store.

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