The 10 Best Branding Identity Examples (2021)

The 10 Best Branding Identity Examples (2021)

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We're big design nerds, in case you didn't know. We're fascinated with design in every medium especially if it comes to branding from data visualization to motion graphics to infographics. A well-designed visual identity not only supports but also enhances a brand.

Branding Patterns

A great branding identity conveys who and what you are, what you're about, or why people ought to connect with you immediately, from the packaging to the social presence.

Learn about branding identity and how to create one

A poor identity, on the other hand, may impair your brand experience. It's all too simple to think that simply but you have a logo, colors, and typography, it's successful. You're not presenting a coherent brand narrative if the visual identity is disjointed, inconsistent, or inaccurately reflects your brand.

As a result, connecting with and establishing a connection with the individuals you're attempting to reach becomes more difficult for your brand. Fortunately, there are many companies that are doing that correctly

Here are some branding identity examples:

  • AirBnB
  • Spotify
  • Australian Open
  • City of Melbourne
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Kodak
  • Deliveroo
  • Pandora
  • "Yes," says Optus
  • 99u
  • Zendesk


Airbnb felt that their branding identity needed to be refreshed a few years ago, so they enlisted the assistance of San Francisco-based DesignStudio. The rebranding of Airbnb sparked a lot of debate both outside and inside the creative community.


However, as with many logos & branding redesigns, it's simple to reflect back would see that company made the correct choices once some time has gone. It's clear today that switching from the then-trendy calligraphy logotype to the more recognizable stylized "A" was the correct choice.


Airbnb's cosmopolitan, welcoming, adventurous, and belonging nature was carefully included by Design Studio. This means reducing the brand from a series of words to a single symbol, removing language hurdles, and making it instantly identifiable. Any culture or nation can now be found with the Airbnb brand thanks to the use of a wide color palette and a range of photographic techniques which makes AirBnB one of the staple for a branding identity example.


Spotify, a Swedish online streaming service, has swept music fans off their feet. However, most American listeners are unlikely to be familiar with the original branding. It had a weird logo with a raised "O" and (what I think are) radio waves emanating from it.

Spotify's design was modified in 2013, with an emphasis on the "circle with radio waves" theme. They kept the white and green color scheme but added a gradient to give the logo a 3-D effect.Collins, a brand consulting firm, worked on improving 2013 logo in 2015.

And they, in my view, hit out of the park for one of the best branding identity example. One of the reasons I like about Spotify's logo is how well it utilizes a diverse color pallet. Although green is their main color, it is by no means their sole choice. I really like how the duotone method, gradients, and pop art images were used. Even while Spotify includes artists that represent a wide range of genres, these methods may help bring the branding together.

Australian Open

In 2016, the Australian Open underwent a rebranding by Landor Australia. They took an out-of date logo and totally revamped it. They got rid of all visual references to tennis players and tennis balls, and the mark was reduced to simply "AO." They made it even easier by removing the crossbar from the A.


The "circle and delta forms" theme was subsequently carried over to every other branding. The end product is a bold, sporty, and entertaining branding strategy.They got rid of all the stuffiness from the old logo.

City of Melbourne

The redesigning of Melbourne City in 2009 was a fantastic follow-up to the Australian Open. Melbourne's city logo was secure and predictable. It included all of the necessary "city logo elements": Sun? Check. Is it a Roman column? Check. Is that some kind of plant? Check.

It seemed to be extremely formal and quite dull. The city has an issue with logo uniformity since each municipal event and department had its own logo.


The city was redesigned in 2009, totally redesigning its logo and establishing a new identification system. I'd want to point out that this is a tough job for any big organization, but government organizations are renowned for their resistance to change, so congratulations to the government and their designer’s colleagues for pulling it done.

The newly launched design is really stunning. It has a lot of beneficial effects on the city's branding. First, it more accurately represents Melbourne's lively culture and appeals to tourists. Second, it brings together the numerous distinct logos that previously existed.

Finally, it establishes a visual style that is used for all of their communications. I like the little touches, like what the logo could be split down into separate form components to make it more flexible.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The latest Heart & Stroke symbol is indeed a master lesson in simplicity and minimalism. Paula Scher of Pentagram took a complex, official-looking logo and reduced it to its essential message. I like how Scher crammed everything into such a little space.


Beneath the arc of the heart, the stroke mark is precisely positioned, and the tightly tracked typography is nestled snugly under the stroke. The Heart & Stroke logo is robust enough that the name may be changed with locations, departments, and other information, making it multi-functional.


Kodak was the firm from which you used to purchase the film. (I kid; I still purchase Kodak film to use with our Pentax Spotmatic from time to time.) Digital cameras are fully loaded with functionality but removed the need for the actual film, thus Kodak has had a lot of problems over the years.


However, Kodak has persevered. When they went right back to their origins in a recent revamp. The business had previously ditched the large red "K" block in favor of a smaller wordmark in 2006.


However, they later changed their minds. They piled the letters just on right from a red block using a new sans-serif typeface. The packaging's visual identity is strong and straightforward, which helps their goods stand out.


Deliveroo, a British food delivery service, recently rebranded with DesignStudio, moving away from the literal representation of a kangaroo in favor of an abstract rendition that also seems to resemble a hand offering the peace signal.


To complete their palette, they used big, angular swashes of bright hues, giving the brand vitality and a lively attitude. The design is quite flat,which is in keeping with current design trends. The bright design themes match their delivery outfits well, making their riders very identifiable.

To complete their palette, they used big, angular swashes of bright hues, giving the brand vitality and a lively attitude. The design is quite flat,which is in keeping with current design trends. The bright design themes match their delivery outfits well, making their riders very identifiable.


Given that PayPal sued the business for trademark infringement at the beginning of 2017, this may be a contentious brand to include on our list. Regardless, we'll dissect what causes the Pandora branding so successful. Pandora's primary logo is a modified sans-serif wordmark withall lowercase letters.

The bowl has been removed from the alternative icon emblem, which is a"P." It's noteworthy that they created a separate capital "P" instead of limiting the wordmark to simply the lowercase "p."

Pandora, like Spotify, needs to provide a wide range of musical genres and civilizations. They went one step farther than Spotify by changing their logo to include a variety of design and photographic styles. This, in my view, demonstrates that Pandora is committed to music than its rivals.

"Yes," says Optus

This is another one of my favorite recent rebrands, again from Australia, such as the Melbourne rebranding above. Re, a Sydney-based firm, transformed the Optus cable identity into something spectacular. Recreated dynamic new graphics that help Optus stand out by leveraging on the company's "Yes" slogan.

Compare this to the miserable state of rebranding for cable providers in the United States, such as Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner.

Standing alone (as shown in one of their creative patterns), as a container to showcase their many entertainment choices, or with models who I assume are there to reflect their consumers,the branding is powerful and attractive.


Okay, so adding 99u here is a little bit of a cheat, but bear with me. See, 99u is Adobe's thought leadership arm for creativity. They produce books, operate a great blog, and organize an annual conference. So, for one, they're already a creative force to be reckoned with, and two, since the visual identity is so intimately linked to the event, it evolves year after year

But, if you're still not persuaded, let's take a closer look and see how brilliant it is.The annual conference is an important component of what 99u accomplishes. Annually, the branding is new and different. Simultaneously, the branding is always consistent with the website and books.

That is one of the benefits of using a visual branding strategy that is based on design concepts and components. The design details may alter, but everything seems to be in order.


Zendesk is customer support software that enables businesses all over the world to offer fast responses to their consumers. The original logo featured a smiling Buddha wearing a headset (thus the zen).

On the top, Zendesk seems to be a dull product. They only provide assistance via a help desk.At the time, the old Buddhist logo was distinctive and intriguing, but it was deteriorating. The logo is immediately identifiable since it has been reduced to basic forms. They also expanded the basic forms throughout their services to leverage on this appearance. Finally, exciting motion graphics were used to bring the forms to life.

What is branding and how to create the perfect brand

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The 10 Best Branding Identity Examples (2021)

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