Choose The Perfect Color For Branding Your Business

Choose The Perfect Color For Branding Your Business

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Branding color is the color that a company wants to use in order for its brand to stand out.  It's important because it helps consumers recognize your product and remember you more easily. There are many colors to choose from but some color combinations work better than others, such as complementary or contrasting colors. If you're still unsure about what color would be best for your company, here are some tips on how to find the perfect color palette for branding your business!

It is essential how color will affect your brand in choosing the right color for your brand. You have to give a careful look at the following things to know well about the suitable color for your company: Type of products, target consumers, marketing purpose and mission, competition, and what you want to be known as.

Define color personality for your brand

Your color palette should fit with the kind of personality you want to convey. Different colors can give different feelings, such as red is more aggressive, blue is calm and relaxing, orange gives some excitement or yellow is sunny and warm. Choose a color that will bring out a certain characteristic when people look at it.

Do not use color just because it looks nice but also consider its effect on others when they see your product or logo. Keep in mind that color has an impact on consumers' behavior towards products and brands so choose wisely!


Medical App with two color theme

This is good example of how brand color affects the personalities you are trying to portray

Here are some brand personalities you can go by:

  • Aggressive
  • Calm
  • Exciting
  • Warm and Sunny
  • Cool and Refreshing
  • Friendly
  • Professional

Stick to your color scheme throughout products and marketing materials

If you want to build up your brand that people remember, then use the same color in different products and marketing material. That way, customers will easily recognize your product even if they only see its packaging or website icon. By maintaining a certain color scheme, consumers can associate with a specific brand easily. It's not always necessary to stick with just one color or one set of colors.  

Brookie Cookie & Thrive

Choose one main color as the company's signature color which is seen on most of their products or used in their logo while using other colors for other products such as different types of clothes from the same clothing line. Your color scheme should match the items in your products as well as color combinations to create a unified color palette.

Come up with your own color formula

Compose your own color formula If you want to build a strong and memorable brand, then come up with your own color formula. Make sure that it's unique and not just following what other brands are doing or trending right now You can either use some existing color schemes from famous designers like Nike or Apple, combine different colors together to form its own color mix (for example making blue more intense by adding red) or even inventing new colors for yourself! The thing is that you need to maintain consistency in color when branding your products.

You should do color mixing in color formulas before choosing the color for your products or logo and let the color schemes stay consistent throughout.

Here is how you can do it:-

There are a lot of websites you can go to for color mixing. One example is the Adobe Color website which lets you select any two colors then it will create a third color from one, the other, or both colors. It also lets you select how light or dark the color should be and what type of tinting you want.

Choose color combinations that work best for your products

There are some rules you can follow when picking the right color combinations for your products. If you're selling something elegant or luxury then try using two dark colors like navy blue and grey because they are sophisticated while combining two light colors together makes it seem bright, fun, cheerful, cute, and happy. Also try using complementary colors together like red and green is an explosive combination while deep teal mixed with dark purple exudes sophistication. An even color distribution should be equally distributed among your packaging color and its background color so the colors don't look out of balance.

Pick a color that communicates your message effectively

Use a color that will communicate the mission and values of your company when branding. You may alter its color scheme or add color to show a certain value or create emotion like choosing a red color to emphasize power, passion, and courage while adding green for freshness. Also, use color to differentiate between products so consumers can easily know what they are looking at.

For example, electric appliances should have blue color because it's cool and tranquil which is different from cosmetics which should be used a warm color palette because it's pleasing on the eyes and invigorating.

So make sure you do not just pick color schemes that are pretty but also consider how they will affect consumers' perception of your products!

Create a color story behind your brand

If you want to create an emotional connection with customers, you can come up with a color story that will make them attached to your company.

For example, Apple's fruit logos are not only just eye candy but the fruit represents its products. The apple represents the computer while the orange is a music player and the yellow one is a mobile phone.

Each product has a specific fruit logo that shows each of their main products category while leaving room for innovations too. If you do not wish to have any kind of symbolism or association like apple, then just choose a color that can stand out from others easily so consumers can recognize your color scheme and associate with it.

Pick special effects to alter the color of your products or logo

To make the brand seem more professional in terms of product design, you may want to add some special effects to your logo or products.

For example, you can use a glossy finish on the packaging for cosmetics so customers will be attracted by its chic look while simple matte packaging looks great on inexpensive items that shouldn't look as expensive as other more luxury brands. Also, if you are using colors like white or light colors should consider adding a black outline around them because they can get dirty easily, and having a dark outline can help them remain clean looking.

La Gloriosa

Make sure your products and logo look good in color There's a reason why there are so many brands out there that use black as their main color. Having a black or grey-colored product can dramatically enhance the value of your product because it makes them look more edgy, sophisticated, and unique while not having any color at all does put them on the boring side. However, you need to make sure that your products will also look great if they were printed in lighter colors like white.

For example, some companies print their logos with white ink instead of one solid color making it seem less professional but putting your logo on T-shirts is just dumb because no one wants a shirt with just a color of paint on it. So make sure your color scheme will look good if it were to be printed in darker and lighter colors evenly!

The conclusion

Choosing the right color for your brand is not an easy task, especially if you have no experience and knowledge about this subject. Fortunately, there are many tools on the internet nowadays that can help you with finding out what colors suit best for your brand or company. Using these kinds of tools will save plenty of time and also money without having to spend too long thinking about it.

Once you get started with choosing the perfect color scheme for your brand or logo, remember to take into account consumer opinion and feedback because they know better how to interact with products and services as well as which colors really appeal to them. In addition, make sure to be consistent with your choice of colors.

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Choose The Perfect Color For Branding Your Business

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