15 Rat Drawing Ideas that is (Cute, Easy & Realistic)

I draw on my free time, it is more like a hobby. Rat drawing can be easy and you can use some of the drawing below to draw your own.

The good thing about rat drawings is that you can get inspired by them or just observe how to draw different parts of their body.

The rat drawing might differ from one person to another but there are certain principles that do not change in any way.


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1. Rat Eating - Easy rat drawing

Here is simple and fun doodle of a rat eating cheese for lunch

Rat eating cheese drawing

2. Sleepy Rat - Cute rat drawing

Cute and adorable little rat taking a nap

A sleeping rat drawing

3. Smiling Rat - Cartoon rat drawing

This a rat is ready for photograph. Easy rat drawing

A smiling rat drawing

4. On the Run - Rat drawing easy

Rat is on the run, running away from cats. Another easy rat drawing

Rat running away drawing

5. Love season - Simple rat drawing

Rat spreading joy and love. Simple rat painting and drawing

Rat falling in love

6. Cheese for lunch - Cute rat drawing

Cute little drawing and painting of a rat having lunch

Cute rat drawing eating cheese

7. Head above water - Realistic rat drawing

Realistic drawing of a rat floating on water

Realistic rat drawing

8. Snacktime - Scary rat drawing

Realistic drawing of a rat stealing snacks

Scary rat drawing

9. Astronaut Rat - Easy rat drawing

Astronaut rat on it's mission to space for the first time

Easy rat drawing, astronaut rat

10. Professor in class- Realistic rat drawing

Rat professor teaching it's class on how to get the cheese

A rat teaching class

11. Moon Rat - Creative rat drawing

Huge rat taken over the moon, and shall be named the "Moon Rat".

Creative rat drawing

12. Closeup - Simple rat drawing

Chubby and cute rat sniffing it's meal.

Cute rat drawing

13. Pretty please...- Cartoon rat drawing

Rat saying "pretty please" to let him go

Cartoon rat drawing

14. Top Hat- Rat drawing easy

Classy rat with a top hat, staying fancy among it's peers.

15. Rat orders- Realistic rat drawing

Rat ordering food at a restaurant

Thank you so much for coming here!

I hope you found some fun rat drawing ideas to try out in your sketchbook or art board.

This is my first art blog post, I will be creating more soon! 🙂

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