19 Christmas Drawing Ideas that is (Easy & Realistic)

Everyone loves Christmas. Even though it's fun to decorate your house with strings of lights, wreaths, and garland, it's even better to get into the holiday spirit by drawing Christmas pictures.

Drawing some nice Christmas drawings on your own can be great family fun. You could draw your own decorations and hang them in your home to practice each year.

Drawing pictures can also be a great way to entertain the kids while they're at home on a snow day – or even when they're stuck inside during summer vacation.

You might be inspired to start a new family tradition this year by creating your own customized Christmas card or art work for sending out to friends and relatives!


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1. Hamster with Santa hat- Easy Christmas drawing

Cute and adorable hamster munching on candy for Christmas

A cute hamster eating candy

2. Santa Claus - Realistic Christmas drawing

A realistic drawing of Santa Claus with glasses

A realistic Santra drawing

3. Cute Elf- Simple Christmas drawing

Cute female Christmas elf smiling and ready for December

Cute Christmas elf

4. Snowman - Christmas drawing easy

A simple snowman with scarf and top hat for the winter

Snowman sticker drawing

5. Reindeer - Cute Christmas drawing

Reindeer logo drawn with pen and marker.

6. Snow Globe - Simple Christmas drawing

Beautiful snow globe with snowy interior and trees

7. Christmas Tree - Beautiful Christmas drawing

Professionally sketched Christmas tree

8. Ornaments - Sketch Christmas drawing

Christmas ornaments with patterns ready to be hung up on the tree

9. Socks - Christmas stocking drawing

Christmas stocking with ribbons and decoration, perfect for the living room

10. Holly- Color Christmas drawing

Holly is the perfect icing on the cake for Christmas decorations

11. Hamster Stocking - Cute Christmas drawing

Cute hamster hiding in the Christmas stocking ready to surprise it's family.

12. Candy Cane- Christmas drawing easy

A simple candy cane drawing, the perfect Christmas decoration that excites the kids.

13. Jingle Bell - Easy Christmas drawing

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells. Jingle all the way! Not Christmas without this...

14. Cute Reindeer - Christmas drawing realistic

15. Elf portrait - Christmas elf drawing

Santa's assistant, the Christmas elf on duty for Christmas

16. Simple Christmas Tree - Easy Christmas drawing

The easiest Christmas tree drawing, coloured with marker.

17. Snowflake - Christmas art

Snowflake formation during the winter of Christmas

18. Presents - Easy Christmas art

19. Pug - Cute Christmas art

Cute pug all set and ready for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoyed the Christmas drawing ideas!

Christmas will be even more appreciated with some personal touch especially drawings, hope this post inspire some Christmas drawing ideas! 🙂

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