What Graphic Design is in 2023 (Short & Simple Answer)

What Graphic Design is in 2023 (Short & Simple Answer)

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What Graphic Design is in 2023 (Short & Simple Answer)

by Ashwin Mason
in Software Review

After over 8 years working in design, I have seen many definitions. Some are good, some are not so good. Is graphic design a form of art? Or is it something more? Finally I came up with my own answer on what graphic design is.

In this blog I’d like to share what’s graphic design, why use it, and who uses it with a short and simple answer.

What graphic design is?

Graphic design is the art of visual communication and problem solving using typography, photography and illustration to convey information. It’s a broad field encompassing many different skills from logo design to advertising to interior design. 

Why use graphic design?

Graphic design is used because it involves creating an appealing image that influences how people perceive a product or service. It's important to remember that not every person will understand every detail of your design. That's why it's important to use graphics that are clear and concise. 

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Who uses graphic design?

Graphic design has been developed to appeal to the widest possible audience through forms of communication. For example, a poster may be appealing to someone who doesn't entirely understand why a certain message is being presented. A well-constructed poster can communicate almost everything

It can be applied at many different levels in companies, from intern to CEO, and can be used on anything from posters to the corporate website.

Final note

Anyone who creates information for a living. Whether that's a website or a magazine, the use of graphic design is typical. Graphic design is an important skill that can earn you a high income. But it's often undervalued and often under-instilled.

I hope this short answers helped you find what graphic design is. By knowing what's graphic design you will be able to gauge if that is a particular skill you want to master or looking for someone to hire.

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