The best UI UX Resume Guide to land your next job (12 Steps)

The best UI UX Resume Guide to land your next job (12 Steps)

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The best UI UX Resume Guide to land your next job (12 Steps)

by Ashwin Mason
in Software Review

Designing a resume is never easy.

There are so many templates and formats to choose from, what is the best way to present my skills? Should I use bullet points or paragraphs? Where should I put my education history? What about my interests outside of design work? How do I say goodbye after each job on the list without sounding like an idiot?  

The answer is: you don’t have to!

This article will give you 12 steps on how to create the perfect resume for Ui & Ux Designers.

Whether you're just starting out in your career, looking for a new opportunity, or simply want to update your current resume with more recent experience - this guide will give you some insight on how to best present your Ui & Ux Designer skills.

1) Start with your name at the top

First name first and the last name second, no nicknames!

And don't use Ui Ux Designer as your name. Instead, consider using your real name - it shows that you're trustworthy and have some identity outside of just Ui Ux Design.

2) Write your contact information in one line underneath your name

3) Write your Ui Ux Designer's resume objective statement above the contact info

Here is a sample-

  • To create visually appealing and functional Ui Ux Design for web-based applications      through the use of Ui & Ux software.
  • To secure an Ui Ux Designer position where I can create visually appealing designs for the web using Ui & Ux Software in order to ensure that websites look great both on desktop and mobile devices.

(This is a very important step so make sure to get it right!)

4) Try your best to fit the information within one page

Recruiters spend an average of 3.14 minutes reading a candidate’s resume and they have generally made up their mind within the first minute. (Source)

If you have more than one page do not just continue writing Resume on top of each other. This looks ugly, people will skim over it.

Make sure every piece of paper matches always. Your reader needs to know where they are on your Ui Ux Designer resume at all times.

5) Writing down key skills that will benefit you most

Whether they are real or not doesn't matter.

Make sure to list your number one skill first in bold just like before.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Ui Ux Design. 100% use of W3C standards for coding and graphics.

Programming Languages: Ui Ux Design, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Ui Ux Design Software: Ui Ux Tools Photoshop and Illustrator

6) Write down all the companies you have worked for in reverse chronological order

Writing down from most recent to least recent with a description of your cv design skills position held under each one

  • company size (big,medium or small)
  • location of company
  • state
  • dates work was done if applicable.

For example:

Worked as an Ui Ux Designer for creating UI/UX's for web based applications along side programming HTML code, CSS sheets and Javascript to make sure everything looked nice on all types of computer Ui & Ux Designer

Keep it short and sweet!

7) List up to 5 references that will vouch for you

After your Ui Ux Designers Work Experience go into a list of 5 references that will vouch for your Ui Ux Design skills (real or not doesn't matter).

List each reference's name in bold along with their title and current employer in reverse chronological order as well.

For example:

Kevin Wang Ui Ux Resume References: Executive Ui Ux Designer Ui Ux Design, Incorporated Manhattan, New York 2012 till Present

8) List any extra interests

In my opinion, a resume is your advertising material: it has a very limited amount of space to convince a potential employer that are perfect for the job.

Resumes with an accomplishment statement have a greater likelihood of being seen by recruiters and hiring managers than resumes that do not include one, especially in the current economic times: Resume must make you stand out!

List them at the very bottom as a secondary skills section under your name and contact information:

  • Languages
  • Teaching experience (if any)
  • Personal Interests
  • Achievements
  • Awards received

These are often referred to during an interview process in order to gauge who you are and what makes you unique among other candidates applying for the same position.

If there is anything outstanding you would like potential employers to know that is not found in the job posting, such as volunteering or special interests, make sure to include it.

Do this carefully because you do not want to come across as egotistical, always be honest and be confident in your statement.

9) Make sure everything has even space and correct spelling

Ui Ux Designer's resume got to be spaced evenly and look consistent all throughout it (you can use a layout grid for this if you need to).

Also, make sure grammar and spelling are perfect. Use spell check tools like Grammarly to check if you made any spelling mistakes (it will be there)

Recruiter tend to have pet peeves that might not tip the scale in your favor if you are not careful

Here are some of the things you should not have in your resume:

  • Typos and grammatical errors
  • Using cringy quotes
  • Overly casual tone
  • Unprofessional font
  • Emojis
  • Jargon
  • Cliches
  • Weird background colour
  • Obviously fake skill

10) Use infographics and visual aid for your resume design to stand out.

For the visually-oriented, you can also try using color to make your resume more readable (bold headers, underline headings, italicize important keywords).

However, be careful because too much use of color can become distracting or overwhelming, be selective with colors used on each page instead of going overboard.

11) Print Copies

Now you are done with your Cv resume!

Put your Ui Ux Resume into a word processing document and make sure everything is spaced evenly.

Once it's looked over by yourself or someone else, print out 2 copies of your resume.

Put one copy aside (to show future employers as proof of work experience), keep the other copy updated all the time to hand out when asked in an interview.

12) Email and Drop-Off

Write an Ui UX CV design cover letter that you will use to send in with your Ui Ux Resume and drop it off at the companies office (leave a copy with security) or mail it back if sending via snail-mail.

Here is an email sample:

To Whom it may Concern,

My name is John Doe I have been a professional Ui Ux designer for 4 years now and I am looking for another opportunity to further develop my career. I have held positions such as web developer, project manager, client liaison, and executive UI UX designs over the past five years while working on multiple projects for Ui Ux designer List of Companies Ui Ux Resume. I am very excited about the possibility of working at Ui Ux Designers as your current Ui Ux designers do not seem to have much experience in web design and could use some guidance from someone with my track record. Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position

Yours Truly, John Doe

While waiting for Ui Ux Resume results, go ahead and get a professional Ui Ux portfolio together. How to do this is covered by our article on the subject of  How to Make an Ui Ux Portfolio.


In conclusion, Now you have everything you need in order to land yourself a great job as a professional Ui Ux designer! Good luck with all your attempts at landing one! If you are still having any trouble or just want some more tips, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, make sure you check out these Ui Ux Resume templates as well.

Give yourself plenty of time and effort when making your resume stand out from others. Recruiters get flooded with resumes from different sources and more often than not, they don't spend much time reviewing resumes that are poorly done.

That means there's a lot of competition out there! With the extra effort you put in your resume, chances are you will make yourself stand out and increase your chances of getting selected for an interview and ultimately get hired.

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Ashwin Mason
I review the best software for freelance designers, photographers, and developers to run their businesses and hire the most appropriate freelancers for your project.
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