6 Best Image Background Remover (Handpicked For 2023)

6 Best Image Background Remover (Handpicked For 2023)

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6 Best Image Background Remover (Handpicked For 2023)

by Ashwin Mason
June 22, 2022
in Software Review
Best free option
Adobe Express

Adobe has come up with which lets you remove background from your image instantly. Apart from that, images can also be customized by adding new backgrounds, graphics, etc.

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Best for small business

Canva streamlines the design process by providing a variety of elements and tools that can be dragged and dropped into place to create an appealing design.

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Best for beginners

The website includes a variety of utilities, such as a background remover, photo enhancer, photo retoucher, and video maker, among others.

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Best Overall
Wondershare PixCut

A web-based tool for creating background-free images using cutting-edge power of ai. Remove unwanted people with simple tools that don’t require any special skills.

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We’re reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Best image background removers

  1. Wondershare PixCut the best image background remover online
  2. Cutout the best image background remover beginners
  3. Canva the best image background remover for small businesses
  4. Adobe Express the best free image background remover
  5. Picwish for the best image background remover for profile picture
  6. Icons8 best easy to use image background remover

Wondershare PixCut

Best image background remover online

Wondershare Pixcut is a free web-based tool for creating background-free images by utilizing the latest artificial intelligence technology gaining popularity these days.

You can breathe new life into your photos with this kind of tool.

Through its AI-driven technology, images can be automatically trimmed to remove the background, regardless of the image’s file format, in a matter of seconds. Make changes to the background or get rid of unwanted people by using simple tools that don’t require any special skills.

In addition to taking out backgrounds, the tool allows you to remove watermarks from images, improve them, eliminate blurriness, as well as add your own custom background.


  • Background removal powered by artificial intelligence
  • Remove image backgrounds in bulk
  • Enlarge image
  • Get rid of watermarks

Background removal powered by artificial intelligence

Simply upload your image and you will see AI-powered background removal magic in seconds.

Remove image backgrounds in bulk

With this tool, you can remove the background from up to 30 images at once.

Enlarge image

Pixcut provides a handy photo enlargement function that allows you to enlarge your uploaded photos up to four times without sacrificing quality.

Get rid of watermarks

This tool allows you to remove a watermark from a picture, along with other unwanted items.

User Experience

Pixcut image background remover

Use of PixCut is incredibly simple and straightforward. Upon landing on their website, you’ll see a giant button that says “Upload an image” and you also get to choose from their images if you are just trying out.

What I Like/Dislike About Wondershare PixCut

What I Like

I uploaded an image that needed a professional to remove the background, and the tool worked flawlessly and removed the background with no trouble.

What I Dislike

It annoys me that watermarks appear on images and also that they charge to remove them.

Recent Updates

In a recent update, PixCut announced their mobile apps that are now available for both platforms Android and iOS for removing image backgrounds.

Overall Thoughts

There is no need for any special knowledge in order to use this tool. 95% of the results are accurate, the remaining 10% are dependent on the quality and complexity of the images for this image background remover.

Visit Wondershare PixCut


The best image background remover for beginners

Cutout.pro offers solutions for those who need an immediate fix, as well as hobbyists interested in editing. Cutout offers a visual artificial intelligence tool you can use for yourself or for your business. The site comes with a number of utilities, including background remover, photo enhancer, photo retouch, and video maker, among others.  

They ranked #1 in Alpha Matting Evaluation, which is fairly indicative of their abilities.

The program includes both a desktop application and an online version. Their Vividit app is their mobile app available on both the iOS store and Google Play. The app is easy to use and requires no registration.


  • Remove the background of images in bulk
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Revision Control

Remove the background of images in bulk

Bulk background removal is possible with this tool

Collaborative Editing

You can collaborate with your teammates on a single editing task by using collaborative editing features.

Revision Control

Cutout Pro comes with revision control feature in case anything goes against plan you can always revise it using this feature.

User Experience

This tool makes removing background really simple. All you have to do is upload the image and it’s done. You now have your photos without backgrounds.

Moreover, if you don’t have a picture, you can choose one from their list of images in order to test the tool’s accuracy.

What I Like/Dislike About Cutout

What I Like

The application is easy to use and is compatible with both desktops and smartphones.

What I Dislike

It severely distorts some images that have solid backgrounds.

Product Updates

With its recent updates, the software has added a new set of PNG image clip art files automatically each day to help users.  

Overall Thoughts

A very efficient tool for removing backgrounds, widely used by photographers and designers alike. Compatible with all modern browsers, allowing users to extract items onto transparent backgrounds.  

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Canva Pro Background Remover

The best image background remover for small businesses

The field of graphics editing has changed dramatically because of Canva. A very useful tool that isn’t hard to use, it is particularly popular with those who lack design skills.

Canva simplifies the design process by offering a range of elements and tools, all of which can be dropped into place to make an attractive design.  

You can use a background remover within Canva Pro, which is included in their premium service, which instantly removes the background of an image, leaving you with a transparent background available for immediate downloading at a high resolution.

The background remover app from Canva can also be downloaded from any app store.


  • Remove Background Instantly
  • One Click Does It

Remove Background Instantly

Distracting backgrounds can ruin your design – get rid of the background right away using Canva Pro background remover.

One Click Does It

You can upload your photo or choose from Canva Pro‘s unlimited photo library, then choose the remove background option, and in one click you will have your background removed.

User Experience

In Canva Pro, you’ll find a very rich interface with a lot of options. To remove the background from an image – simply upload the image to Canva Pro, click the Effects tab, click the Background Remover option, and that’s it.

What I Like/Dislike About Canva

What I Like

One of my favourite features is real-time collaboration, which helps me complete my tasks faster. Not only this, it comes with pre-made templates that come in handy

What I Dislike

In some cases, when I remove the background, it is properly removed; however, the quality of the image may deteriorate when the background is removed slightly altering the image.

Recent Updates

We have not seen recent updates of Canva Pro in the while.

Overall Thoughts

Using Canva Pro‘ image background remover is really awesome, as it’s easy to use and helps me to complete my design tasks quickly. You can use it for a variety of different tasks.

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Adobe Express

The best free image background remover

Despite being offered by Adobe, the service does not require a paid Creative Cloud account, which means no monthly subscription is required.

The service does require you to log in to download the result. The service offers a separate login for educators.

Adobe Express – this is an extremely innovative program Adobe has come up with which lets you remove background from your image instantly. Apart from that, images can also be customized by adding new backgrounds, graphics, etc.


  • Fast & Quick
  • Customization

Fast & Quick

Adobe Express image background remover incorporates technology that lets you remove background from your images in a jiffy.


Once you’ve removed the background from your images, they can be further customized.  

User Experience

Adobe Express image background remover comes with a stunning, clean UI with intuitive buttons. As soon as you arrive at the website, you’ll see a large button that says “Upload an image”.

Upload an image and BAM! There you have it. A background-free image.


You can use it for free whenever you want. Watching ads is not a requirement. There are no ads on the platform either.

What I Like/Dislike About Adobe Express

What I Like

I like the simplicity of this image background remover that made me fall in love with it for my daily needs. The tool also lets you download images in PNG format which is really great..  

What I Dislike

It’s annoying that you have to sign up in order to download the image once the background is removed.  

Recent Updates

Adobe Express has launched a new library of basic shapes that can be customized and resized as well as updating other features to make the app easier to use.  

Overall Thoughts

A fantastic image background remover that comes with some helpful features and is very easy to use. This tool is worth checking out if you’re looking for an easy way to create whatever you need, such as banners or posts for social media.

Visit Adobe Express


The best image background remover for profile picture

picwish image background remover

A free background removal tool, PicWish, allows you to remove images’ backgrounds for free. It serves a lot of industries and people.

It is an important tool for a variety of people, such as ID photo makers, car dealers, marketers, and graphic designers.

Any image can be given a transparent background with PicWish. Millions of real-world images are used to train the algorithm. In addition, PicWish allows you to select from pre-made templates, select solid color schemes, and design your own backgrounds.

Not only that, but you also have access to image compression, image cropping, and other tools.


Background Remover

By using this feature, you can easily edit and cut your target from the background of the original picture. There is no limitation as it allows you to select any image from the internet or you can even upload yours.  

User Experience

This app has a great user interface and is easy to use. It is possible to select a portrait, product, or graphic as the main subject, in which case the background will be removed automatically.

This website is free, which is the best part.


There is no cost associated with it.

What I Like/Dislike About Picwish

What I Like

I love how each option is clearly displayed on their website, and you get to see both the original and processed photo of yours side by side so you can work on the original and see real-time results on the processed picture.

What I Dislike

This tool has not given me any reasons to dislike it.

Recent Updates

PicWish‘s latest update mentions that it is now capable of identifying portrait pictures. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, you can draw a cut-out precisely in a few seconds.  

Overall Thoughts

I find Picwish to be a simple, yet powerful tool to use every day. In addition, the program produces near-perfect results by eliminating the need of using cumbersome software to remove pictures’ backgrounds.

Visit Picwish


The best easy to use image background remover

Background remover from Icons8. Perfect for spicing up presentations, crafting slick website designs, or just experimenting with your images, it offers a hassle-free, enjoyable editing experience.

User Experience:

This tool is like your photo's best friend, effortlessly waving goodbye to backgrounds at the click of a button. Whether you're sprucing up a presentation, designing a snazzy website, or just having fun with your images, it's all about quick results and zero headaches. You don't need to be a wizard in Photoshop to make your pictures pop – it's straightforward and enjoyable!


AI-Powered Precision

The tool uses advanced algorithms to accurately detect and isolate the main subject from the background.

Batch Processing

You can process multiple images at once, saving time and effort, especially for larger projects.

What I Like/Dislike About Icons8

What I Liked:
  • It's incredibly user-friendly. You can achieve professional-looking results without any prior editing experience.
  • The speed is fantastic. It takes just moments to transform your photos.
  • The AI is impressively accurate, making sure your main subject stays perfectly intact.

What I Disliked:
  • While it's great for straightforward tasks, it might not have the advanced features needed for more complex editing.
  • Sometimes the AI might struggle with very detailed or cluttered backgrounds, requiring a bit of manual tweaking.

Overall Thoughts

I find that Icons8's user-friendly and fast image background remover, powered by AI precision, is a perfect tool for quick and professional-looking results, though it may lack advanced features for complex editing and might require manual adjustments in certain scenarios.

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Article by
Ashwin Mason
I review the best software for freelance designers, photographers, and developers to run their businesses and hire the most appropriate freelancers for your project.