Designing Stunning Flyers with Microsoft Publisher: Tips and Tricks

Designing Stunning Flyers with Microsoft Publisher: Tips and Tricks

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Designing Stunning Flyers with Microsoft Publisher: Tips and Tricks

by Ashwin Mason
in Software Review

Microsoft Publisher is an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly application that lets users design a wide variety of marketing materials, whether for print or web. Owing to its tight integration with Office 360, it has become a go-to choice for many when it comes to selecting design software. But if you have recently switched from Windows to macOS, you may be disappointed to find that Microsoft Publisher is not on the list of app lineups. 

So, how to get Publisher on Mac? Unfortunately, you cannot get Microsoft Publisher on Mac because it isn’t available. Instead, you have to use Publisher alternatives, such as Swift Publisher. 

With that said, this article focuses on how you can design stunning flyers with Microsoft Publisher. Flyers are essential in disseminating information, alerting people to fundraisers, calling attention to special events or offers, making special announcements, etc. In Publisher, you can create flyers using in-built templates or from scratch. Keep reading for some helpful tips and valuable insights. 

Steps for Creating a Flyer on Publisher 

1. Select a template 

Publisher comes with a wide range of in-built templates that you can personalize. On the start screen, click New and select Blank Templates. After selecting a template, click on the thumbnail image, and a blank document will open. 

2. Add pictures and texts 

Once a blank document opens, the next step is to add images and text. Choose the Text Box tool to add text and drag it into the flyer. Type your text and then adjust the size, color, and font of the text. 

Next, choose the Picture tool from the toolbar and drag the image onto the flyer. You can drag the picture with your mouse to reposition and resize it. 

3. Format the layout 

The flyer’s layout is essential for getting attention and advertising your news or event. The overall layout can be changed by choosing a different template. Or, you can adjust the position and size of individual elements of the flyer. 

You can move an element around the flyer by clicking on it and using the mouse to drag it into place. 

Once you have finished designing the flyer, remember to save it. Give the flyer a name and choose a location to save it. 

Flyer Designing Tips and Tricks 

  • Keep it simple 

It is essential to keep the flyer design simple. If there are too many distractions, your target audience may miss the message you are trying to convey. 

When you are using images, ensure to use the highest quality pictures. And ensure the pictures are relevant to the text. Also, limit the number of fonts and colors. If there are too many things happening, people will get confused, and the flyer will become a visual clutter. 

  • Enter your business information 

In Publisher 2003, you will be prompted to enter your business information when you use the software for the first time. If you choose to enter it later, you must select this information by going to the Edit menu and selecting Personal Information. 

If you use Publisher 2007 and 2010, you can choose the company information set from the Business Information dropdown. You can also click Create New to create a new information set for your business. Then, you can insert the information into your flyer. 

  • Choose the appropriate font and color scheme 

When you are working with a flyer template, you will find some default font and color schemes. But this can be customized to suit your brand identity. Select a new color scheme from the Color Scheme dropdown, and from the Font Scheme dropdown, you can choose a new font. 

It is also possible to create a custom color and font scheme by choosing the Create New option. 

  • Include tear-offs 

Are you creating a flyer to promote a special offer or sale? Or do you want your potential customers to get some important information about your business? If so, you can add tear-offs so they can get the information, or you can put a coupon to encourage them. 

When you click the Tear-offs dropdown, you will see many options. Some of the popular options are Contact Information, Order Form, Coupon, Sign-up Form, Response Form, etc. You can also choose not to include tear-offs. 

If you are designing a flyer from scratch, the tear-off option is unavailable. 

The Bottom Line 

Designing flyers is one of the best ways to spread the word about an upcoming promotion, event, or sale. When it comes to designing flyers, Microsoft Publisher is an excellent tool as it comes with a wide range of templates. The templates are customizable, where you can add images and text. You can also resize and reposition the pictures and text to ensure your flyer looks stunning and can grab the attention of your target audience. 

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