5 Best Transcription Softwares 2023 (Free & Paid Option)

5 Best Transcription Softwares 2023 (Free & Paid Option)

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5 Best Transcription Softwares 2023 (Free & Paid Option)

by Ashwin Mason
June 24, 2022
in Software Review
Best Transcription Software

The Rev transcription service provides a human-based alternative to automating the conversion of audio files into transcripts.

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Best free option

Otter transcription services depend solely on (cloud-based) technology, resulting in incredibly fast response times, among other benefits.

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Most accurate

This software allows you to edit documents, browse the web, and perform other tasks using voice commands

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Best multi language

Online transcription platform that automates transcription and translation and helps you organize audio files and video files in more than 35 languages

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Best transcription softwares to use

  1. Rev the best overall transcription software
  2. Otter.ai the best free transcription software
  3. Nuance Dragon Professional for the most accurate transcription software
  4. Sonix for the best multi language transcription software
  5. Trint for the most collaborative transcription software


All of our finest applications roundups breakdown are written by me who have spent a significant portion of my careers using, testing, and writing about software


Best overall transcription software

The Rev transcription service offers a human-based alternative to automate the process of converting audio files into transcripts at a reasonable price with the highest possible accuracy.

Moreover, this transcription software is straightforward and offers a user interface that lets anyone view and edit transcriptions both in real-time and on the fly. It is also possible to work together on multiple documents at the same time as well as share and export transcripts in various formats.

With over 50K+ skilled transcribers and transcriptionist working for Rev, the technology it uses is constantly being upgraded, resulting in its high level of accuracy. In just five minutes, an accurate transcription will be completed, with a 90% accuracy rate or higher based on the audio quality within the stipulated time.


Make the most out of your transcripts with these incredible features.

  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Rush Transcription
  • Embedded Media Player
  • My Files
  • Find and Replace
  • Sharing
  • Notes

Verbatim Transcription

This feature provides you with the ability to include both the words as well as the verbalizations within your transcript.

Rush Transcription

In a hurry, opt for a rush transcription. A rush transcription service makes it easier for professionals who are under time constraints to meet deadlines on time.

Embedded Media Player

It allows you to time the accompanying video or audio to coincide with the text in the transcript so that all the pertinent information is available at the same time.

An effective method for synchronizing transcripts and videos when you’re cutting out valuable information contained in the transcript.

My Files

On Rev.com, My Files serves as the homepage of an individual customer workspace where you will find transcriptions, subtitles, subtitles in other languages, as well as any translations that you have requested.

Simply paste the content into the box of the co-writer. All of the options will appear once the desired content has been selected.

Find and Replace

Using Rev, it is simple for you to locate the keywords you need on a transcript so you can replace them one at a time or all at once..


Oftentimes, people are part of a team or collaborate with their clients when choosing quotes and deciding on materials. Transcripts can be easily shared with others using the simple sharing feature.


It is not uncommon for Rev users to feel the need to note something while editing the transcript, even if they do not modify the transcript text. In order to make the process easier, a note area has been added to each transcript on the right side so that team members can comment.  

User Experience

Using Rev, you can enjoy a user interface that is clean and has an engaging color scheme, with stunning graphics. Once you land on the Rev website, you’ll find a Get Started button to choose the package you want to subscribe to, which is a relatively simple process.

You can choose from the following services:

  1. Human Transcription
  2. Automated Transcription
  3. English Captions
  4. Global Subtitles
  5. Live Captions For Zoom

Thousands of customer reviews are available for each service, based on what potential customers decide.

What I Like/Dislike About Rev

What I Like

Rev did an excellent job transcribing, delivered accurate transcripts in a timely manner, and at a price so affordable that any small business can afford it.

What I Dislike

Sometimes Rev has difficulty understanding unusual accents, fast-paced conversation, or corporate phrases.

Product Updates

The Rev team is planning to introduce new revolutionary dashboards and workspaces for Rev pro users. The Brightcove marketplace has also been integrated.

Overall Thoughts

For any transcription tasks that need to be completed in a quick and professional manner, Rev is the company to work with. Their accuracy level is excellent and what else do you need?

Visit Rev


Best free transcription software (Note-taking app)

Otter transcription services rely entirely on automated (cloud-based) technology geared towards mobile devices, giving rise to incredibly fast turnaround times, among other benefits.

The software comes with outstanding customer reviews, is free, and has no hidden fees. As a bonus, the app provides transcription in real-time, with editing, playback, and sharing options at your fingertips.

A note-taking app designed to be used during meetings and interviews, with an emphasis on capturing rich notes. Let’s see some of its prime features now.


  • Data Import and Export
  • API Integration
  • Analytics
  • Real-Time Transcription and Transcription Collaboration

Data Import and Export

Data import and export features assist otter.ai users in importing and exporting data.

API Integration

This feature makes it easy to integrate business logic or data into other applications.


The analytics feature provides a comprehensive report that includes analytical insights for measuring task monitoring effectiveness.

Add Stock Photos

If you prefer, there is a stock photo option, which does not restrict you from using the images. There is no need to do anything other than select the photos and leave the rest up to the software to do its job.

Real-Time Transcription and Transcription Collaboration

It is possible for you to do the transcription in real-time while collaborating with other members of your team.

User Experience

It’s easy to use Otter’s transcription service, thanks to its convenient and easy-to-use mobile and web applications that make editing intuitive.

I like it when you need to transcribe slow and simple conversations or if you have enough time to review a long transcript for a reasonable cost.

What I Like/Dislike About Otter.ai

What I Like

I liked how fast and easy Otter was to use. Although it was capturing the audio in real-time and was actively processing it, you can still hear the actual voice of the person reading back the audio, as opposed to a machine reading back the audio.

What I Dislike

It glitches occasionally and incorrectly captures words. Otter isn’t perfect, but it is a strong contender. It would be great if mistakes could be edited while recording audio.

Product Updates

Otter.ai’s most recent update brings two-factor authentication across all plans, regardless of whether it is basic, pro, business, or enterprise, for no extra cost.

Overall Thoughts

This product doesn’t offer anything less than others. There are multiple functions in this program that allow you to import recordings, weblinks, and live audio – the possibilities are endless. The program also provides free transcription services which are great.

Visit Otter.ai

Nuance Dragon Professional

The most accurate transcription software

When it comes to professional transcription software, it is hard to go wrong with Dragon Professional.

Nuance estimates that audio transcription can be performed at 160 words per minute (wpm), up to 99% accurate, and that’s just the beginning.

This type of voice technology is more than dictating a text and makes it possible to edit documents, scroll through the web, and perform other tasks via voice command.


  • Ability To Dictate Nearly Everything
  • Dictate Anywhere Transcribe Later
  • Dictate Contracts, Briefs, And Case Files (Legal Only)
  • Multiple Versions In Different Fields

Ability To Dictate Nearly Everything

With the Nuance Dragon Professional Transcription tool, it is possible to dictate pretty much anything, such as emails, messages, homework assignments, or appointments.

Dictate Anywhere Transcribe Later (Pro Feature)

The pro feature gives you the ability to dictate your documents while sitting wherever you like. All you have to do is save it and transcribe it later on.

Dictate Contracts, Briefs, And Case Files

On the legal side of the program, you will get to edit contracts, case files, and briefs.

Multiple Versions In Different Fields

Multiple versions of the program are available for both professionals and individuals in different fields.

User Experience

As far as their UI is concerned they need to improve on it since it has an extremely outdated UI. Though the software has many great features, they are not adequate if you lack the ability to provide users with an optimal and smooth experience.

What I Like/Dislike About Nuance Dragon Professional

What I Like

The time it takes to chart everything with dictation is half of what it takes me to type it all out.

What I Dislike

In terms of vocabulary, it is not as big as it ought to be considering the global setting. There is a high probability of typos in the content. Prices are higher than other comparable products due to the fact that you only pay once.

Product Updates

Updates to Dragon’s professional software include the “PowerMic III” support. Find out more at About the Nuance PowerMic Microphone.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the interface is straightforward, but if you run into trouble, there are a number of tutorials to help. Even though the software appears to be expensive, you only have to pay once, which is significantly less than the cost of subscription transcription services.

Visit Nuance Dragon Professional


Best multi language transcription software

Sonix is an online transcription platform that automates transcription and translation and helps you organize audio files and video files in more than 35 languages.

The speed, accuracy, and affordability of Sonix cannot be argued with. Over one million users are currently using it in order to transcribe audiotapes.

Easy to use, you only need to upload a file to Sonix and the transcript will be ready in five minutes or less.


  • Automated Transcription
  • Automated Translation
  • Multi-language
  • Automated Subtitles
  • Share And Publish
  • Collaborate with Teams
  • Organize and Search
  • Security

Automated Transcription

By using Sonix’s web-based editing tool, you can playback, organize, share, or edit transcripts wherever you are.

This is a perfect feature for interviewers, meeting participants, lecturers, films or any other kind of audio or video.

Automated Translation

The translation of your transcripts is now easier than ever thanks to Sonix’s sophisticated automated translation engine. Over 30 languages are now supported.


Support for more than 35 languages is available.

Automated Subtitles

Improve the accessibility, searchability, and engagement of your videos. A fully automated process, yet flexible and customizable allowing you to tune it exactly how you see fit.

automated subtitles in sonix

Share And Publish

Video clips can be shared instantly with subtitles or full transcripts can be published via Sonix’s media player.

The following is well suited as internal marketing materials or web content designed to drive more visitors to the website.

exporting transcript in sonix

Collaborate with Teams

For collaboration with teams. Sonix makes it simple to do so. Permissions for multiple users allow you to give collaborators permission for uploads, comments, edits, and access restrictions on files and folders.

Organize and Search

This feature lets you find specific words, phrases, or themes in your entire transcript collection. You can nest multiple folders to stay organized.


Sonix offers a highly advanced level of security & privacy, and is dedicated to protecting the information we receive from you with multiple layers of security.

User Experience

A pretty clean design with a drag and drop functionality that lets you drag audio files and videos. A variety of video and audio file-sharing options are available, such as Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, or YouTube.

To get better results, you can also make use of advanced options such as a custom dictionary, and multi-track uploading.  

Just upload the file and enter the information, and you’re good to go. Simple!


Standard ($10 Per Hour)Premium ($5 Per Hour) + $22 Per User Per MonthEnterprise (Contact For More Details)Pay-as-you-go Transcription. Perfect for project-based work.More Frequent transcription needs with advanced collaboration tools. High volume transactions with advanced user controls and billing options.

What I Like/Dislike About Sonix

What I Like

The part I like the most is that it has almost perfect accuracy is fast and is available in 35 languages, which is incredibly useful and makes things a lot easier. On top of that, it mentions how accurate the transcriptions are, which I find impressive.

What I Dislike

Among its limitations, this application only lets users upload files to convert them to text. However, you will not be able to perform live speech-to-text transcription.

Product Updates

Sonix has teamed up with MAXQDA, an industry-leading qualitative research platform, that enables you to import Sonix transcripts directly into MAXQDA by simply clicking a button.

Overall Thoughts

During an independent review by a third party, the Sonix automated transcription service was rated to be the most accurate and has been trusted by more than one million customers.

Overall, it’s a solid product that you can trust to handle your professional work

Visit Sonix


The most collaborative transcription software

Trint offers AI-based transcription for up to 31 languages. Business platforms integrate seamlessly while maintaining high levels of security.

Both the web interface and iOS app of Trint are easy to use. Furthermore, you can collaborate on editing, annotations, and captions along with a basic transcription.

Besides allowing you to assign speakers’ names, Trint enables you to locate the exact phrase that you are searching for. A free trial is offered to individuals and small teams immediately after signing up.


  • More Power With Custom Vocabularies
  • Collaboration
  • Live Transcription
  • Security

More Power With Custom Vocabularies

As a user of Trint, you are able to add custom vocabularies that you need to fit your particular needs.


Together, you and your colleagues can edit securely in a shared workspace.

Live Transcription

As part of the enterprise package, you have access to live transcription, security reviews, and analytics.


Create content in a private, safe, and secure manner.

User Experience

The moment you land on the Trint dashboard, you are welcomed with a clean sophisticated design that features a popup window with two options.

  1. Start Transcribing – lets you instantly upload files via a variety of sharing options.  
  2. Discover Trint – includes helping videos and other features to help you get started.  

So, getting started with it is not a problem at all.

What I Like/Dislike About Trint

What I Like

A tool like Trint is indispensable when it comes to transcribing video and audio files – both via the cloud. Transcripts audio files of all types automatically, creating editable and shareable transcripts.

What I Dislike

The transcription of some languages can be problematic, making users responsible for correcting them.

Product Updates

New features have been released by the productivity platform Trint to help enterprises collaborate, with multi-user editing being of particular importance.  

Overall Thoughts

As a transcription tool, Trint is capable of converting audio files into text in a short period of time. There is a mobile application that allows you to record audio or video that can be uploaded to be transcribed directly.

Collaboration tools and other features combined make it an overall wonderful package in terms of productivity.

Visit Trint

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